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We are thyssenkrupp!

Around 10,000 strong partners in South America with a vision for the technology of the future. 10,000 examples of dedication, determination, and passion. But also 10,000 personalities with their own stories.thyssenkrupp employees are what make us successful. We appreciate and promote diversity in every team. Because that is what produces big and small innovations – for the future and for the present.

Marilene Aparecida Ennes Landim, Process Engineer

“Dedication to continue searching for knowledge and passion for what we do results in a positive and sustainable work.”

As a process engineer, I am responsible for the interface with our raw materials external and internal suppliers, having participated in severals improvement projects regarding quality of raw materials.

The relationship with the various areas of business in our activities, attendance to deadlines and routines quite dynamic and the practice of decision making that involves great responsibilities on a daily basis are the most positive working experiences during my career at thyssenkrupp. Breaking paradigms focusing on the constant search for solutions even with many adversities has contributed to make me a more resilient professional.

thyssenkrupp provides the opportunity to grow professionally. Besides all the differences between employees, it helps to form our own culture with respect for the safety of people and the environment. We can see the strong focus of the company on customers and searching for continuous improvement in its processes and technologies.

Claudeir Sérgio Rodrigues de Souza, Supply Coordinator

"Hard work and dedication can overcome us every day."

I started at thyssenkrupp as an operator in 2007, and today I am charge of Supply Coordination in our steel plant in Brazil. After being part of a successfull start-up, having the opportunity to assume new positions in the productive proccess was a big challenge. Each new challenge gave me the opportunity to develop my professional skills.

thyssenkrupp believes in people and supports our development. It is a company where we have condition to grow professionally and personally. It takes care of the Enviroment, Employees' health and concerns with our families too. Here we have a huge grow up perspective, we feel part of the process and professionally satisfied.