To meet customers demands in an agile and efficient manner, thyssenkrupp divides its operations into five segments in Brazil. Automotive Technology produces high complex components for the automotive industry – with a portfolio that ranges from camshafts to steering and damping systems, springs and stabilizers.

Another segment is Plant Technology, specialized in engineering, construction, supply, installation and after-sales services for mining, steel, ports, chemical, among others. With advanced technology and engineering in the materials, mechanical and industrial plants divisions, Plant Technology provides its customers with competitive advantages with innovative products, offering solutions for sustainable progress.

Marine Systems is a highly regarded partner for naval shipbuilding. Our submarines, naval surface vessels and maritime defense equipment are known for their technological excellence, reliability and longevity. Beyond that, we supply prime know-how and reliable services during the entire operational lifetime of submarines and naval vessels. Currently, thyssenkrupp is responsible for the construction of four state-of-the-art Tamandaré Class Frigates for the Brazilian Navy, with deliveries scheduled between 2025 and 2028.

The Material Services area develops customized products for the sanitation, civil construction and aerospace industries, among others, with the objective of ensuring that every piece needed for manufacturing is always in the right place at the right time. Its portfolio in Brazil includes the supply of machinery, equipment and sheet piles for port works and civil engineering in general, as well as management of metallic raw materials, machining and assembly of complex parts for aerospace industries.

Organizational and management structure

The Group is led strategically by thyssenkrupp AG. Founded in 1999 as a stock corporation under German law, the company has dual domiciles in Essen und Duisburg. Corporate headquarters is located in the thyssenkrupp quarter in Essen.

The Executive Board of thyssenkrupp AG sets the strategy for the Group's development and steers the business areas, the corporate functions, and the service units.