Climate protection

Climate protection

Climate protection: Central challenge and opportunity

Effective and efficient climate protection is one of the major challenges facing society. So it’s also one of the key drivers of our More & Better strategy, focusing on the global megatrends. Climate protection is therefore a central component of thyssenkrupp’s business strategy.

thyssenkrupp’s climate protection activities are focused mainly on:

  • In-house efficiency enhancements
  • Efficient solutions for our customers
  • Taking part in initiatives and dialogues
  • Developing forward-looking ideas such as cross-energy management and carbon capture & use (CCU)

In the short and medium term we see the joint development of efficient products as the key lever for climate protection. But in our production processes, too, we are looking to further improve our already very high efficiency standards.

thyssenkrupp’s carbon footprint

Climate-friendly production processes are an important topic in all business areas. Our Group companies pursue specific approaches tailored to their respective processes so that emissions are reduced to the minimum possible. As part of our energy efficiency program GEEP [Link] we want to exploit further energy-saving opportunities and improve efficiency by 3.5 TWh by the year 2020 – that’s around 1.3 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year. The first two years of the program produced efficiency gains of 0.8 million tons CO2 To achieve further progress in reducing emissions, thyssenkrupp is involved in research initiatives exploring innovative production processes. Scientists and engineers from the Group are also active members of national and international bodies concerned with technical, economic, and social issues related to climate protection.