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HPGR, moinho de rolo, mineração, prensa de rolo

HPGR Pro: High Pressure Grinding Rolls

Join us on the next level of grinding with up to 20 % more throughput, up to 15 % lower energy consumption, and up to 30 % longer-lasting rolls.

For decades, our HPGR has been the machine of choice for efficient high-pressure grinding and processing of ores. With over 40 years of experience in the minerals industry and more than 150 HPGRs installed worldwide, thyssenkrupp is market leader in this field.

Our experts have now further improved the HPGR to achieve even higher throughput, lower energy consumption, and a longer-lasting working life for the most important components. That makes the HPGR Pro the best-performing machine in its compact class and more economical than ever.

Whatever your choice – a new HPGR Pro or an upgrade for your existing HPGR – you can be sure of the best possible machine to suit your needs. After all, you’ll be taking your grinding operations to an entirely new level.


More energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls

More economical than ever

More energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls. The HPGR Pro fulfills the most demanding requirements for economical operation - above all through enhanced energy efficiency, improved product quality, and up to 30% longer-lasting rolls due to reduced wear and tear.

hpgr, moinho de rolo, prensa de rolo

Up to 20% more throughput

More efficient than ever

The HPGR Pro is more efficient than ever, delivering up to 20% more throughput through improved material feed.


Higher machine availability through greater transparency

More reliable than ever

The HGPR Pro is even more reliable. Increased machine status transparency especially with regard to the surface of the rolls, ensured reduced downtimes and outages.


Continual process optimization through digitalization

More high-end than ever

The HPGR Pro features innovative technology and digitalized functions, which clearly inform the operator about the machine status and enable continual process optimization and predictive maintenance.

thyssenkrupp HPGR Pro – your added value through more top technology

How? We integrated innovative solutions, decisively improved mechanical features, and introduced new digitalized functions to make the next level of grinding possible.

HPGR, moinho de rolo, prensa de rolo, rolls, mining
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