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cement plants

Cutting-edge technologies for cement plants

Present in the Brazilian cement market for over 40 years, thyssenkrupp, through the Industrial Solutions Business Area, is one of the world leaders in supplying complete equipment for cement plants. We provide our customers with innovative technologies, processes and machinery, from the preparation of the raw material to the final product, through tailor-made and sustainable solutions, ensuring high productivity and efficiency in the production of cement.

thyssenkrupp has a complete clinker production system with DOPOL cyclone tower, 2 or 3 support furnaces and high efficiency POLYTRACK cooler. In addition, it offers raw material preparation equipment such as crushers and raw material yards and storage equipment such as raw and cement silos. With respect to grinding equipment, Industrial Solutions has a complete portfolio for various applications, counting on state-of-the-art grinding mills for flour, fuel and cement mills, such as COMBIFLEX ball mills, QUADROPOL roller mills and POLYCOM high-pressure grinding rolls. The equipment line also has POLCID industrial automation system and automated equipment for material collection and laboratory analysis called POLAB.

Among the various technologies that the company offers is the POLYCOM® high-pressure grinding roll, which is already present in cement plants in Brazil and offers great benefits, such as more efficiency and lower energy consumption, without the need for water in the process. The machine is so efficient that the higher the material motility, the greater the energy savings. Modern and easy to install, the equipment can be integrated into new systems or already in operation, providing significant increases in production and reduction in operating costs.

Another innovative solution that composes the portfolio is the PREPOL Step Combustor (PREPOL-SC), a combustion system for alternative fuels that feeds calciners and provides more flexibility, helping to reduce production costs. This technology significantly reduces the preparation stages of alternative fuels and ensures high rates of neutralization of the chemical decomposition processes as it retains the fuel in the combustion chamber for longer. As a result, the ability to burn different types of alternative fuels is increased, as well as the combustion time at high temperatures, which exceeds 1000 seconds - which is a great evolution considering that the conventional calcination technologies reach up to 7 seconds of combustion. The equipment requires little space for installation, is easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free, since it is composed of static components.

cement plants
thyssenkrupp develops technologies, equipment and projetcs, and implents complete cement plants all over the world.

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Cement plants
Cement plants

thyssenkrupp is one of the world's leading full-line suppliers to the cement industry. From raw material preparation to clinker and cement production through to automation solutions, we have a complete range of innovative technologies, processes and machinery. We are a one-stop shop for customers in the cement industry, with eco-friendly solutions guaranteeing operators maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

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