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Construction, buildings & infrastructure – innovations for urban transformation

Our cities are growing rapidly. According to forecasts, the number of people living in cities is set to increase by three billion in the next 30 years. This will pose challenges for transport and traffic – and above all for infrastructure and the design of buildings.

With our business areas, we at thyssenkrupp have our sights set firmly on the future. We are working hard to develop innovative products and solutions that will make everyday life easier.

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Urbanization in the developing world means that demand for cement will remain high. Cement production is an energy-intensive process that traditionally uses coal, gas and oil to fire the kilns; as a result, CO2 emissions from cement plants are very high. To reduce these emissions, we offer technologies that use alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR). In addition to biomass materials such as sewage sludge, paper and wood, these include residues and waste materials such as domestic and commercial refuse. Many of these alternative materials can be converted into high-grade fuels. Thanks to the latest technology, 60 percent of fossil primary fuels are already being replaced in this way in Germany, and roughly 20 percent in the rest of Europe. We offer equipment for both thermal and mechanical processing. We already build plants that can be operated entirely using alternative fuels. This not only improves the efficiency of new plants, it also helps significantly reduce the use of scarce fossil resources.

At thyssenkrupp we develop our innovations for urban transformation together with our customers. With our long experience, sound knowledge of the industry, and our eye for detail, we create products and solutions that are already visibly shaping the growing cities of tomorrow.

One of the world's largest suppliers of solutions for special foundations and shoring systems, including services, equipment, sheet piles and metal profiles, thyssenkrupp, through its Infrastructure unit, also acts in Brazil in civil engineering, ports, sanitation, transportation, among others. Efficiency, based on speed of operation and economy of resources, is the main element of the technologies that thyssenkrupp offers to the construction industry. In highly demanding works such as sanitation, protection against flooding and landslides, the company operates with an efficient foundation and shoring system by means of the drilling and extraction of metallic sheet piles.

Traditional systems usually take weeks and even months to be built, and after they are ready they still need a time of drying and healing. The thyssenkrupp's system, which incorporates a pioneering hydraulic and vibration process in Brazil, provides, on average, a 30% reduction in the foundation or shoring time of the work. The system is faster, more secure and precise in its crimping and guarantees the full use of materials. The number of workers for execution is also reduced: only three people per machine are required for daily drilling work.

thyssenkrupp, through its Berco product line, is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of undercarriage components for tracked vehicles used in the construction market. We design and produce parts and complete undercarriage systems and supply them direct to manufacturers’ assembly lines and the aftermarket segment. As well as products from our standard range we also offer special designs tailored to specific customer requirements.

In addition to our broad product portfolio we can also provide customers with the benefit of our experience and engineering expertise in the design and development of new vehicles. A wide range of services rounds out the thyssenkrupp capability spectrum.

Product overview construction, buildings, and infrastructure

Materials Services
Infrastructure projects & services
Infrastructure projects & services

Whether it’s about mobility, urbanization, climate change, or resource efficiency: As a leading supplier of civil, marine, and foundation engineering solutions, we cover the full range of services for global infrastructure projects. The portfolio includes piling sections, machinery, and shoring and scaffolding services.

Plant Technology
Standard machines
Standard machines

thyssenkrupp offers a product line that includes jaw crushers, Kubria® cone crushers and vibrating screens used in the aggregate segment in all crushing stages (primary to quaternary), and in the most different types of rock, such as granite, basalt, Gneiss and other rocks with high resistance to compression and abrasiveness. The equipment can also be supplied with semi-mobile and mobile structures, in this case mounted on wheels.

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