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Food & drink – form follows function

The requirements in the food and drink industry are as diverse as food and drink products themselves. Products today have to stand out – that’s the challenge.

Special products need special packaging – packaging that’s easy and convenient to open. And that’s where we come in. Demand for new opening systems is just as large as for ultrathin packaging steel that can guarantee stability and reduced weight.

That thyssenkrupp supplies optimum solutions for the food and drink industry is shown by our market position. The Steel Europe business area is one of the three biggest packaging steel producers in Europe. The Materials Services business area offers diverse materials for use in machinery for food production. And Industrial Solutions has developed a high-pressure process that gently makes food keep longer. We are also Germany’s only producer of tinplate, a material used in food, drink, aerosol, and paint cans.

We at thyssenkrupp are working intensely to reduce the thickness of packaging steel even further. A good example is Thinplate®, a high-end steel that combines lower thickness with consistently good material properties.

Our high-pressure pasteurization process helps food last longer – without the use of chemicals or additives. Vitamins and nutrients are retained. thyssenkrupp offers efficient solutions from process development to equipment manufacture and service.

All this makes us a strong, reliable partner to our customers in the food and drink industry. We support them with innovative materials and a comprehensive range of services.

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Industrial Solutions
Chemical plants
Chemical plants

Thyssenkrupp creates complete chemical plants, from engineering, procurement and construction through to technical and operating services. We offer equipment and technologies for fertilizers, base chemicals, electrolysis, polymers, gas technologies, oil & gas, as well as biotechnology and high-pressure applications. With our engineering expertise and decades-long experience, we work together with customers to develop reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.

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