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thyssenkrupp's Springs & Stabilizers unit (previously known in the market as Hoesch Springs) is present in Brazil since 1967, and offers a complete line of coil springs, leaf springs, stabilizer bars and torsion bars, and has gained a leading position in the market with customers in the automotive, export and spare parts markets.

Springs and stabilizer bars ensure comfort and safety to vehicles. Requirements for these suspension components are different, however, according to their application: a public transport vehicle requires a different technical specification than for a passenger car or a sports car.

At thyssenkrupp, the mission is to find the right combination for each type of vehicle. As a partner in the automotive industry, the company develops and produces state-of-the-art solutions. Customers can count on our experience, development know-how, and high-quality production.

The product line ranges from standard components such as steel springs and complete stabilizer systems to premium products such as tubular stabilizer bars. Focus on marketing, research and development enables thyssenkrupp to further increase the quality of its products and customer guidance.

With more than 2,500 employees in 7 locations in Europe, North and South America and China, the thyssenkrupp Springs & Stabilizers unit is a competent and innovative partner for the international automotive sector with a great potential for development and manufacturing.

springs stabilizers


Hoesch was founded in Germany in 1871 and began its activities in Brazil in 1967 manufacturing leaf springs and, soon afterwards, coil springs and torsion bars. In 1992, the company was incorporated into the Krupp Automotive group. Years later, with the merger of the Thyssen and Krupp groups, the unit was renamed thyssenkrupp Bilstein and, more recently, thyssenkrupp Springs & Stabilizers.

The thyssenkrupp Springs & Stabilizers unit has two plants in Brazil. The one located in São Paulo has its production focused exclusively on products for the bus, truck and light commercial market. Highlighted in this plant’s portfolio is the production of trapezoidal leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, heavy stabilizer bars, and torsion bars.

The second unit began operating in 1999, and is located in the Ibirité Industrial Complex in Minas Gerais. Its production is focused on components such as coil springs and light stabilizer bars for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

In its 50 years’ presence in Brazil, thyssenkrupp Springs & Stabilizers has established partnerships with practically all of the country’s major automakers, and also operates in the spare parts segment through a wide network of distributors spread across practically the entire country. In Brazil and abroad, the company is the elastic suspension elements manufacturer that offers the widest range of products.

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springs stabilizers automotive

A reference in auto parts aftermarket

thyssenkrupp's Springs & Stabilizers unit has strengthened its presence in the spare parts market for heavy and commercial vehicles. The objective is to increase the supply of suspension components that for many years were sold in the domestic market under the Hoesch brand, and reflect the tradition and experience that the company has in the automotive sector and in the aftermarket segment.

thyssenkrupp is also constantly working to offer an increasingly diversified product portfolio for trucks, buses and minibuses, pick-up truck lines and extra-heavy vehicles, ensuring supply to up to 90% of the country’s heavy and commercial vehicle fleet.

By strengthening its distribution channels, which now include more than 90 distributors, thyssenkrupp serves the main consumer markets in every Brazilian region.