Camshafts & Electric engine components

thyssenkrupp is the world market leader for assembled camshafts: we count practically all international auto manufacturers among our customers. Our camshafts are essential engine components, ensuring that oxygen is supplied to the combustion process and exhaust gases are removed from the engine block. We also develop cylinder head modules with integrated camshafts, variable valve train systems, and components for electric drives.

Crankshafts & conrods

Forged and machined crankshafts and conrods from thyssenkrupp are used in internal combustion engines the world over. We also manufacture numerous other engine, transmission and suspension components for various applications. State-of-the-art production processes, close cooperation with our customers, and in-house research and development resources, together with over 100 years' experience of forging and machining technology, define who we are today.


Shock absorbers from thyssenkrupp reduce the vibrations of vehicle springs to provide optimized road contact. As damper specialists, we supply our customers with the right system for every requirement: from conventional monotube/twin-tube shock absorbers to complete air spring systems and adjustable dampers. With our products we serve not only OEMs but also the aftermarket and motorsport sectors.

Springs & stabilizers

Springs and stabilizers ensure comfort and safety in vehicles. With products from thyssenkrupp Springs & Stabilizers you can be sure of achieving the right suspension tuning between ride comfort and driving safety.


Steering technology from thyssenkrupp is fitted in the vehicles of almost all major auto manufacturers. Alongside cold-forged steering components, we produce steering columns as well as complete mechanical, hydraulic and electric steering systems. Our electric power-assisted steering systems help significantly reduce fuel consumption. They are also a prerequisite for systems such as park assist, lane assist, and autonomous driving.


High-quality undercarriages and undercarriage components from thyssenkrupp keep tracked vehicles moving the world over. Manufacturers and operators of construction machinery value our extensive range of track chains, rollers, idlers, sprockets and track shoes. We can also develop and manufacture complete undercarriages for crushers, recycling units, road construction machinery, specialist drilling equipment, and combine harvesters.


thyssenkrupp rothe erde

Slewing bearings and rings

Slewing bearings and rings from thyssenkrupp are essential construction and connecting elements for machines. They are used in wind turbines, cranes, excavators, telescopes, solar and tidal power plants. Our products are developed and designed exactly in accordance with our customers' requirements. Working closely together, we find solutions which are unique in terms of design, material properties, and performance.

thyssenkrupp nucera

Green Hydrogen

thyssenkrupp nucera implements plants for water electrolysis on an industrial scale. With more than 50 years of expertise in chlor-alkali electrolysis form the strong foundation for the water electrolysis technology. This enables thyssenkrupp nucera´s customers to reduce their carbon footprint through the production of green hydrogen.

thyssenkrupp Uhde

Chemical plants

thyssenkrupp creates complete chemical plants, from engineering, procurement and construction through to technical and operating services. We offer equipment and technologies for fertilizers, base chemicals, electrolysis, polymers, gas technologies, oil & gas, as well as biotechnology and high-pressure applications. With our engineering expertise and decades-long experience, we work together with customers to develop reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Coke plant technologies

thyssenkrupp supplies world-leading cokemaking technologies. We design and build complete coke plants of various types for the production of coke from different grades of coal. Whether horizontal chamber kilns, heat recovery or byproduct systems – thanks to our know-how and innovative processes our coke plants meet the latest environmental standards and reliably produce high-quality coke for internal use or for sale.

Green Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world. The demand for green ammonia as a basic chemical will even double by the year 2050. This is because green ammonia is an ideal transport medium for hydrogen and is therefore central to the green transformation of industry and the success of the energy transition.
Ammonia can also be used in fuel cells to generate electricity. And since the only emissions are air and water, ammonia is an excellent storage medium for electrical energy.
As the world's population grows, so does the demand for food and thus for fertilizers and ammonia. Green ammonia is indispensable when it comes to producing enough food for a growing world population.

With its proven uhde® ammonia process, thyssenkrupp Uhde is one of the leading technology suppliers in the field of ammonia. We are a reliable and competent partner for EPC projects and world market leader for ammonia plants with more than 2,500 chemical plants built worldwide and over 100 years of experience.

Green Methanol

Green methanol serves primarily the chemical industry as a base material for a wide range of chemical products such as polymer fibers for the textile industry, plastics for packaging, adhesives, diapers, paints, solvents and much more. Methanol also serves as a fuel or fuel additive.

Thanks to the growth of affordable renewable energy, methanol can be produced based on wind or solar power, geothermal energy or hydropower - significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This "green methanol" is environmentally friendly and can be used as an energy carrier to store renewably generated electricity or as a transportation fuel. In addition to LNG and ammonia, green methanol can also be considered as a substitute fuel for maritime applications. In addition, it can be blended with conventional liquid fuels or used as a fuel for 100% methanol-based propulsion systems.

thyssenkrupp uses its own Uhde methanol technology for production. The hydrogen is produced using highly efficient alkaline water electrolysis (AWE), based on thyssenkrupp's proven chlor-alkali electrolysis technology. The carbon dioxide is recovered from biogas or other fermentation plants as well as from a wide variety of applications such as flue and exhaust gases from chemical and petrochemical complexes, cement plants or steel mills. By removing this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and "recycling" it, the production process can make a further positive contribution to climate protection.

thyssenkrupp Polysius

Cement plants

thyssenkrupp is one of the world's leading full-line suppliers to the cement industry. From raw material preparation to clinker and cement production through to automation solutions, we have a complete range of innovative technologies, processes and machinery. We are a one-stop shop for customers in the cement industry, with eco-friendly solutions guaranteeing operators maximum productivity and cost efficiency.


Naval services

Alongside the actual products, thyssenkrupp also provides a full range of services for the entire lifecycle of naval units. From the procurement of spare parts to servicing and modernizations, we deliver everything from a single source. This includes support with setting up maintenance bases as well as specialist training programs, whether on board or in a virtual training environment.

Naval surface vessels

With a record of engineering excellence stretching back decades, thyssenkrupp designs and builds naval surface vessels for diverse operations from coastal to open-sea, tailored in every detail to meet the high demands of our customers in terms of robustness, flexibility and fittings. thyssenkrupp's portfolio includes high-performance frigates and compact corvettes as well as special open-sea patrol ships and support vessels.


thyssenkrupp submarines for coastal and open-ocean operations have been supplied to the navies of 20 countries around the world. Virtually no other company can match our experience in the design and construction of non-nuclear submarines. Our customers benefit from continuous innovations, such as air-independent fuel cell propulsion, providing greater endurance and enhanced stealth.


Materials services (processing)

In its worldwide service centers and branches, thyssenkrupp has extensive processing capabilities, including slitting, shearing, plasma and laser cutting, sawing, drilling, milling, and coating. Materials can also be supplied with TÜV certificates on request.