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Special vehicles – for the toughest conditions

Special vehicles operating on modern construction projects have to meet extremely high requirements. Contemporary architecture requires complex ground preparation, a challenge that impacts directly on the design of the equipment.

Highly specialized vehicles are used in many sectors – including in agriculture, forestry, and surface and underground mining. They need to be robust and reliable. Reduced weight brings additional advantages in terms of reduced fuel and energy costs.

To meet these requirements thyssenkrupp places special emphasis on consistent high quality. We ensure this through rigorous material tests and continuous process control.

Our customers appreciate these high quality standards. Low fuel consumption, reduced maintenance requirements, and longer life – these are goals we pursue constantly.

Caterpillar bulldozer in operation

In addition to the production of individual undercarriage components, we offer our customers completely assembled, ready-to-install undercarriage systems for all tracked construction machinery.

Take for example the special structural steel XAR®. Thanks to its high hardness this material offers extreme wear resistance and up to five times longer life than conventional structural steel. XAR® lends itself perfectly to welding and cutting. It is used among other things in heavy-duty construction equipment and wherever heavy earthmoving work is performed. N-A-XTRA®, XABO® and PERFORM® are high-strength steels with an optimum combination of strength and toughness. They are used in modern lightweight structures requiring low weight and maximum strength – for example in truck and crane construction.

thyssenkrupp is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of undercarriage components for tracked vehicles. They are used in construction, forestry, agriculture, and surface and underground mining. We design and produce parts and complete undercarriage systems and supply them direct to manufacturers’ assembly lines. As well as products from our standard range we also offer special designs tailored to specific customer requirements.

In addition to our broad product portfolio we can also provide customers with the benefit of our experience and engineering expertise in the design and development of new vehicles. A wide range of services rounds out the thyssenkrupp capability spectrum.

Product overview special vehicles

Steel Europe

Heavy plate

thyssenkrupp's heavy plate product range comprises quarto and cut-to-length plates for a wide variety of applications, tailored to customer requirements. Our high-strength special structural steels N-A-XTRA® and XABO® are used in highly stressed structures such as mobile cranes, our high-strength cold-forming steels PERFORM® in lightweight structures in truck manufacture, our wear-resistant XAR® steels in construction and mining equipment, and our SECURE steels in ballistic applications.

Forged Technologies


High-quality undercarriages and undercarriage components from thyssenkrupp keep tracked vehicles moving the world over. Manufacturers and operators of construction machinery value our extensive range of track chains, rollers, idlers, sprockets and track shoes. We can also develop and manufacture complete undercarriages for crushers, recycling units, road construction machinery, specialist drilling equipment, and combine harvesters.