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thyssenkrupp and wind power industry

thyssenkrupp and wind power industry

wind power bearings

The winds that generate energy also move Brazil's economy, which already has about 300 wind farms, mostly in the Northeast. Half of the installed towers have components produced by thyssenkrupp . The company supplies five bearings for each installed turbine: three for the blades, one for the tower, and the other one is used in the turbine rotor. Due to its large dimensions, the turbine is considered a particularly complex construction, and requires high technology and added value.

In addition to being a strategic partner in developing the industry, thyssenkrupp also pioneered in the early technical contributions to the country’s wind energy, supplying components for the first tower installed in Brazil. The unit was installed on the Fernando de Noronha archipelago off the Pernambuco coast, and has a wind turbine equipped with the company's bearings.

Power generation from renewable sources such as wind is one of the main challenges for the development and diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix, as it ensures security of supply with more sustainable and competitive procedures. thyssenkrupp has been operating in the slewing bearings segment in Brazil since 1978, and is proud to maintain a level of excellence and innovation in its products

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