tamandaré corvettes Brazilian Navy frigates shipbuilding maritime MEKO

Experience counts

Our long lasting experience in executing large projects in customer’s country.

Since the merger of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) and Blohm+Voss Naval in January 2013 and acquisition of Atlas Elektronik in April 2017, our Marine Systems brand stands for more than 175 years of cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise made in Germany. As a private-sector company, we are particularly focused on efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions as well as on long-term partnerships with our customers.

tamandaré corvettes Brazilian Navy frigates shipbuilding maritime MEKO

Long-term relationship with Brazil

Built at thyssenkrupp’s shipyard in Kiel, Germany, and incorporated into the Brazilian Navy in the late 1980s, the first Tupi-class submarine marked the beginning of the German company's relationship with the Brazilian naval defense sector . After this first submarine, four other units – Tamoio, Timbira, Tapajó and Tikuna – were built at the Navy Arsenal in Rio de Janeiro based on the design and technology of thyssenkrupp. These vessels are in operation and are of fundamental importance for patrolling the Brazilian coast.

A broad concept of Transfer of Technology (ToT) and Knowledge for the Brazilian Navy, for the Navy Arsenal as well as for the sector involved in the Brazilian shipbuilding industry was implemented at that time. It was the first Brazilian Navy's project within the strategy "Design, Construction and Repair" cycle.

Together with Embraer, thyssenkrupp is forming Águas Azuis, a solid national partnership with proven capability to retain the transfer of technology and ensuring its development for the PCT (Tamandaré Class Program) and future strategic defense projects in Brazil.

Águas Azuis offers a true Brazilian solution that brings high-skilled jobs and technology to the country, strengthening the local defense industrial base.

tamandaré corvettes Brazilian Navy frigates shipbuilding maritime MEKO submarine Tupi Tamoio Timbira Tapajó Tikuna